Day: September 14, 2003

My dad came home from the hospital today and we talked to him on the phone (and also gave them the big news). He sounded very alert, moreso than before I think. I don’t know if that’s because of the operation, but he does say that he has an easier time walking already (the biggest symptom of hydrocephalus is trouble walking) and he says that his head is “more clear”. He’s still sore from the operation and can’t do anything strenuous for 30 days but it’s all very encouraging. This week should be very interesting, as the first week tends to show great improvement after the shunt surgery.

My sister flew from Virginia to Florida this morning to spend the week with them and help out.

Putting a Ring around the "and"

Troy and I got engaged last night!

…in front of a very-well lit Korean deli and a gaggle of crackheads. Five years ago it was a more romantic street and the spot of our first kiss after a Bedhead concert at the Crocodile Cafe. We tried to celebrate with dinner at the Queen City Grill, the same place we’d had dinner that night five years before — and had never been back to since; I’d been so grumpy about it the first time — but they were too full so we went to the always amazing Dahlia Lounge, toasting with a bottle of one of our favorite cabernets, Silver Oak.

Seeing the Internet through a Baby's Eyes

My Aunt Lillian just got on the internet for the first time (AOL, of course). Imagine trying to explain the internet to someone who has simply never been on it before — the possibilities are so great, and so difficult to explain. “If it is blue and underlined you can click it and go someplace” is suddenly a really good tip! We had our first email yesterday and I think I really startled her with our first instant message today.