Bush wants $87 billion more dollars to finish the job in Iraq and at the end of the day, should easily tally $100 billion (really makes our tax cut this year seem silly). The Gulf War of 1991 cost the US only $7 billion. Why? Because other nations involved helped pay off the total cost of $61 billion. And W even told us several times that Iraq’s oil would help rebuild the country. Where’s that money?

Of W, Cheney & Powell, only W is the different player in this Iraq war. So it makes sense to start pointing fingers, doesn’t it? And remember, W originally wanted no help at all, not even from the UN. Now he’s calling for other nations and the UN to help. “Hey, we did the easy work and made fun of you for not helping, can you guys come help us with the hard work now?”

If you recall, the original point for the Iraq war was because of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Now it’s about terrorism and that Iraq was the center of the planning for 9/11. That’s even less correct than the WMD claim, so in 6-12 months Bush will certainly back off those claims too, right? I wonder what the rationale will be then, that Iraq is responsible for high unemployment in the US? And I wonder how many Americans will still listen to a word he says.

Does he realize he’s running a country, risking lives, making (bad) history and that this isn’t just a game of cops & robbers? Does anybody think he knows what he’s doing? Can’t we fire this guy yet?

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