Day: September 3, 2003

Internet-1, fat corporations-0

Universal Music has announced that they are dropping the cost of CDs from $17-19 to $13 to “drive music fans back into retail stores”. The music industry is finally getting the message that Napster/Gnutella/Kazaa sent. Anyone who downloaded music on the internet should pat themselves on the back. And if you didn’t, be sure to give the sales clerk a $4-6 tip on each CD you buy.

I think CD prices should be under $10, actually, and this is just one company. But this is a promising start!

The Register: US Attorney John McKay has described Parson as a “key figure” in the computer worm incident.

This is another case of the feds covering up the fact that they just can’t catch the original worm author (or any worm author, for that matter) so they’re going to pretend like they caught him. And people will believe it. Although this kid should be held responsible for his actions, he did very little in comparison (3%?) to the original Blaster worm.