Trying to continue a relaxing Labor Day weekend, woke up early (7:30am) and had coffee outside. Made blackberry pancakes for breakfast with blackberries from our yard. Rearranged some furniture and then went to install my new hard drive in a machine. No luck, a 200GB exceeds the EIDE 137GB limit so I’d lose 63GBs. Argh. Went to wash and vacuum the car with Gay and then took the dogs to the Zoomies drive-in, a Vashon Island fast food place (that should be called “Slowies”), for burgers and fries. They give the dogs free little ice cream cones, which is pretty cute. Ouzo hates when we spray Binaca in his mouth when he barks at pedestrians.

Lunch outside in the end of summer Seattle weather. Back to the hard drive… after learning a lot about IDE and the 137 GB limit, and the BIOS in a circa 1999 machine, just decided to upgrade to a later version of the Linux kernel and it worked like a charm! Then dinner and the first part of Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers. Quiet. Relaxing.

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