Urban Challenge

Friends Adam and Lauren are competing in Seattle’s Urban Challenge right now. They are on their way to the final two checkpoints, so we don’t yet know how they did. Troy and I served as their “Googlers”, meaning they read us the clues, we solved them and gave them a bus or running route between their destinations (you have to take your picture in front of each checkpoint in order with a digital camera). This is a hugely fun running-treasure- hunt-style game played in cities around the country (Adam and Lauren placed 13th in San Francisco earlier this year). Read on if you want to try your hand at the clues we got…

Forgive my broken cel-phone versions of the clues (they start at Jillians); to get the answer select the text after the clue, it is printed in white and will show up if selected.
1. Should have been a panther. This pachyderm with the longest gestation…
Pink Elephant Car Wash (Gay go this one)
2. This oxymoron, a half a mile from Seattle Center. Unscramble the letters below:
I Lust Boeing Gin
_ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _
Tiny Bigs Lounge (Troy got this one)
3. Closing soon…shares it name with sunglass wearing fish, find it near the bottom of Queen Anne.
Sorry Charlie’s (we didn’t hear this clue, Adam’s friend solved it)
4. All down hill from here. This man’s face marked a radical departure in the history of US coins. His was the first time a portrait was used on a coin and his portrait is also featured on a piece of paper currency. The slang for the currency is the name of checkpoint 4.
The 5 Spot Cafe (Gay got this one)
5. What park has become a shrine to Kurt Cobain? If Magnolia, go to the Fremont Rocket, if Yoshiba go someplace, if Verta go to the Freemont Troll; if Lincoln so someplace else.
Verta (Troy got this one, first real need of Google)
6. Bruce Lee is buried at some cemetery; Brandon Lee is buried someplace else. If true, go to the sculpture at Wallingford Center; if false, go to the sundial at Gasworks Park.
The answer is false; they are buried together, but Adam read the question as “If they are both dead” — omitting the cemetaries, so we led our team astray. Luckily, we caught this error in time. (Troy got this one, another google)
7. Blah Blah in German, Blah Blah in Chinese, Blah Blah in French (where Blah Blah were all words for “green water”). This place is famous for its fish tacos.
Aqua Verde Paddle Club (Gay got this one)
8. Wacky Equation Time: Apollo mission that brought back space trees + Queen Anne’s Lace, reward/inducement = check point 8 east of lake union.
Terri’s 14 Carrot Cafe (Troy got this one, only possible with google)
9. Nice lobby. This Capital Hill theater is at the intersection of a and b, where a is America’s something institution of higher learning and b some dude’s real name.
Harvard Exit (and it was Roy Orbison) (Gay got this one)
10. Born in philly died in Paris, this photographer/painter was an American in the Dada and Surrealist movements. Some place in the Pike Pine corridor.
Man Ray (Troy got this one with google; Gay swears should could have figured it out without it with more time)
11. So cool…Maki…waterfall sculpture…
The Waterfall sculpture you can walk through at Westlake Center (Gay got this one)
12. Sum of 11 squared + 12 squared + 13 squared + 14 squared + 15 squared + 16 squared. multiplied by the Avenue…. Good place to something Herve Villachez?
Shorty’s Coney Island Tatoo(Adam’s friend got this one)

I hope we do it next year because if you know the city it should be pretty easy. Adam and Lauren only took 1 bus.

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