Today's Problems with Running a Web Site

For anyone who runs a website this story is normal, but for the benefit of those that don’t…

One of our members has a problem with certain pages on our site which causes his browser to crash. He also has the same problem with FoodTV, so the problem is not just us, it is some code on our page which triggers a bug in IE. We have another member with the same problem, so it is not just his particular set up either. Obviously we want our site to work for these folks, but there is nothing further we can do. We’ve tried to send mail or report these bugs to Microsoft before, but they simply do not have time to work on a bug that only hurts such a small number of folks, and I understand that. If we could get their source code we could actually debug this problem ourselves and tell Microsoft exactly where the problem lies and provide them with a fix. We have an incentive to work on this, they don’t, but we can’t fix it.

This is why…

…”open source” software is good. Because anyone who has an incentive to figure out the problem can, and then they can submit the fix and hopefully make the world a better place for everyone. Software doesn’t have to be free to be open…open is good. You can open the hood of your car to try and fix it right? it really is no different.

For now, we’re just stuck. And there is nothing further we can do to help those folks.

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