Gay makes a good point about the oft-cited airplane scenario. I am probably in the upper-percentile of people who fly. I am on a plane 3-4 times a year. Not 3-4 times a week like the columnists and tech geeks and execs do, but still more than most people. And when I’m on a plane, I don’t use my computer at all. And I’m a geek always in front of a computer. I wouldn’t even use my laptop on a plane much if my battery did work for the entire flight. These people seem to think we’re all jet-setting around the world and living out of hotels on a daily basis and they’re ready to dismiss any technology that doesn’t handle this case flawlessly.

Claiming that apps need to work offline is like claiming that computers need to work without electricity. Yeah, it’d be handy, but it’s not necessary and people will survive with that requirement. Network connectivity is becoming ubiquitous. We should embrace that and push for it rather than talk like we live in 1992.

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