Some idiot thinks that In2gr8.net is a better name than Fine.com? AND he thinks he can sell Fine.com for $69,000 on ebay? We just went through this domain name/company name search for MyWireService, so I know the hardships of trying to find a spellable, pronouncable name that someone isn’t already squatting on, but In2gr8.net Isnt2gr8.anything. I almost peed my pants laughing when we called one of these squatters asking if they’d like to sell a domain we were interested in for $100 + whatever they’d paid for it so far. “That is orders of magnitude below what we’d consider.” I tried not to LOL through my “good luck.” Maybe it makes me a socialist, but I think patents and domains should not get protection unless you actually make the thing you are patenting or use the domain for something.

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