Goodbye Nicole (and Herbfarm)

Our good friend Nicki is leaving Sunday for a 3 month trial job in New York City. We had a lovely dinner to say goodbye last night (with friends Eric & Steve as well). This is such a great opportunity: “try out New York, no strings attached, we pay your rent…” I’m quite jealous, and at the same time, saying goodbye always makes you realize you should spend more time with your friends before the bon voyage parties. As an aside, we heard a HORROR story about a dinner they had at The Herbfarm, one of Seattle’s most expensive restaurants. For a prix fixe menu well over $100/person you would not expect servers to rudely grab unfinished plates, balk at requests for coffee, loudly announce the mistake of providing an expired credit card, to only begrudgingly provide wine information, to not accommodate outdoor smokers. …actually the list goes on…did I mention that they lectured the customers for 45 minutes before dinner on every detail of the place and the meal in such a way as to make everyone aware of just how lucky they are to be at their pretentious establishment, and yet all the gaudy restaurant decorations are not so subtlety advertised for sale — how tacky.

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