We recently had a troll on the site. In classic troll behavior, he posted good threads, but quickly started controversial topics and fanned the flames by posting often and making vague personal attacks. When we privately tried to talk to him about what he’s doing, he basically told us “Too bad, I can say whatever I want and you can’t stop me and if you try, you’re censors! I’ve been doing this for years and am better at this than you are!”. People are weird. So we gave him the customary Warning #1. He then told us what we can do with our “threats” and our web site and that he won’t be back. He lied. Twice he came back. Troll.

When he advocates gay marriage and refutes race-mixing we let it go until the topic devolves into name-calling. Then, of course, we are branded censors, or pro-Gay by the anti-Gay people and anti-Gay by the pro-Gay people, white supremacists and politically-correct. It’s nuts. But nobody sees how nuts this is. And people forget that it’s a recipe web site. We’re here to help people enjoy good food, not debate interracial relationships. But trolls understand that people are quick to get emotional about topics and perspective goes out the window and trolls enjoy watching it. And the emotions run so high we become the target of the attacks if we try to calm people down. It’s the textual equivalent of an angry mob — rational thought has no place. It’s a scary thing to watch, even in text.

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