Philip Greenspun makes a good case for why the SCO lawsuit against IBM (and Linux) was made possible thanks to the poor choices made by Congress and the Copyright Extension Act. I really wish the government would do what’s right for people long-term rather than what’s good for corporations in the short-term. But given that a Congressman needs to pay an expensive chef to put food on the table, that’s likely to be a pipe dream.

And Doc Searls has a great article on “Saving the Net”. Similar to the SCO lawsuit, the internet is going to be under siege by large corporations who cry to Congress that they must maintain their right to be profitable. And Congress ignores the entire concept of Capitalism (business are born and die as part of the natural “churn” of capitalism) and help them. It’s far better to let a company like AT&T die and have hundreds more born than it is to stifle hundreds so AT&T continues to prosper. But that’s just my 2¢ and corporations like AT&T have quite a few more pennies than I do.

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