This Tour isn’t finished yet, but it’s the best Tour I’ve ever seen. Lance crashed (!) at the bottom of the final climb after a fan’s hat (or musette) grabbed Lance’s handlebar and pulled him to the ground. And he still won the stage by 40 seconds! Today was the first day of this Tour where he showed his superiority and it was amazing how fluidly he rode the last climb. Lance put 40 seconds into Ullrich, plus a time bonus gave him a lead of 67 seconds over Ullrich. Ullrich will have to ride an incredible time trial and Lance would have to do terribly on Friday to beat Lance.

On the downside, Iban Mayo demonstrated the most unsportsman-like behavior I’ve seen in sports. After Lance crashed (and Iban Mayo also fell on the crash) Iban Mayo quickly got up and tried to attack. Then when Lance came back, his pedal/cleat was broken and Lance slipped off his pedal again and almost stopped. Iban Mayo attacked again. Lance chased him and blew him away. So Iban Mayo stuck to Ullrich’s wheel the entire climb up the mountain so Ullrich did all the work and then just feet before the finish, he passed Ullrich and took 2nd on the stage. Cycling is an incredibly gentlemanly sport, but Mayo proved that he is not worthy of a good career. I will enjoy watching every defeat in his career. On the other hand, Ullrich is not only a great sportsman (he waited for Lance after he fell) he is a powerful cyclist that deserves to win the Tour many times in the future.

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