It’s clear that the White House was so eager for war they would do anything to justify it to the American people. And it’s terrifying to think that many people think it’s okay to go off and kill thousands of innocent (non-American) people for faked reasons. I want my government to protect me from other countries who think it’s okay to kill Americans, but now my own government is one of those “whackos” that they’re protecting us from. No wonder the US is hated worldwide. But fortunately, people are slooowwllly starting to question our government. If Clinton was put through the ringer for lying about sex, the very least we need to do is put the Bush Administration through the ringer for lying to the entire country about sending hundreds of thousands of Americans potentially to their deaths. I have faith in the American system and I’m a natural optimist, but it’s hard to not think that the American public will get bored and move on to something else.

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