Unlike Gay, I’ll finish Barbershop. But I agree it’s not funny at all. I think they watched Eddie Murphy’s Coming To America and thought it’d be a great idea to make those barbershop scenes, which were funny, into a full movie. I don’t know why people call this a “smart movie”, it was about as dumb as movies get. Every character was a stereotype, although they went out of their way to get one character to fit each black stereotype they could think of, including a white guy who acts black. And Cedric The Entertainer as the old man was embarrassingly bad… old people look different than young people in more than just a few gray hairs. And the two criminals were, you guessed it, one smart guy and his dumb sidekick in slapstick comedy. The funniest joke in the movie was when Ice Cube’s character, when compared to his father, said “Do I look like my father?” and everyone answered “Yes”. That’s how good the comedy was.

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