If there was any doubt that the Pentagon enjoys death and destruction, their organized betting on terrorist attacks proves it. I’m sure this is just the DoD’s way of insulting the CIA & FBI because, for some reason, they all hate each other, but to actually defend it is even dumber. Now, they’re going to stop it, at least stop it from being public. Government at work.

William Gibson makes a good point, though: “The last time DARPA got too imaginative, we wound up with the Internet. “

Buying America's Least Common Denominators

Wal-Mart is a topic at business schools for all the reasons you would think: case studies in channel dominance, maximizing profit by lowering costs, trucking expense, and their unbridled success. Surprisingly it is also discussed for destroying downtowns (by moving shopping to the mall and putting mom and pops out of business), lowering the American Dream (now that the mom and pops that pay better are out of business and you have to punch a cash register at Wal-Mart for half the money, you can only afford to shop at Wal-Mart), and the prices really aren’t that low when you figure in all the costs (what you get is made cheaply and you drove farther to buy it, polluting more and contributed to our trade deficit by buying imported goods made in countries where the labor standards are are horrific).

It proves something I have been trying to teach for years: the indifferent equivalence of everything with everything else, for an audience that has no concern for that difference, and no discernment of quality.

After today’s time trial, Lance is set to win his 5th straight Tour de France becoming only the second person ever to win 5 straight. And he promises to try for a 6th, something nobody has ever done. He mentioned in a post-race interview that there’s some things people don’t know about this Tour, and he suggested that the team was sabatoged. When he was pulled off his bike by a fan, I wondered if it wasn’t intentional and the replays sure seemed suspicious to me. But he won and realizes that he needs to improve for next year. And Ullrich is going to come back with a much better team I’m sure.

And Tyler Hamilton, riding with a broken collarbone, jumped ahead 2 places in today’s time trial to take 4th overall, ahead of the undeserving and poor sportsman, Iban Mayo. I like that too.

Gay pointed out this lyric that she liked a lot. I like it a lot too, after Gay pointed it out. And did I mention that Gay pointed it out?

The sprinklers that come on at 3am
Sound like crowds of people asking
“Are you happy what you’re doing?”

Grandaddy “The Group Who Couldn’t Say”

I am happy what I’m doing. I was recently talking to my dad who expressed regret that he and my mom weren’t supportive of us kids and what we wanted to do. I’m sure all parents wish they could’ve met the impossible goal of being the “perfect parents”, but I don’t see why my parents could have any regret. At 12 years old, thanks to my parents, I knew I wanted to spend my days as a programmer and I get to do it every single day, and even some nights, of my life. And sometimes I do hear the sprinklers come on at 3am, but they don’t sound like crowds of people asking me if I’m happy what I’m doing.


Cringely has an idea to kill the RIAA once and for all. It doesn’t make enough sense to me, though. For example, if I own 1% of a CD, do I really have the rights to listen to 100% of it? Nevertheless, it’s an interesting concept.