My "Dumbass" Response

Got a most hilarious email from a Recipezaar member today. We rejected a recipe they posted because (as they themselves stated in the description) it was an exact copy of a recipe already published on the site with a few amounts included so the nutritional analysis could be more accurate. We, of course, don’t like having duplicate recipes because it is more work for us (duh); and, more importantly, the people that post the original recipes certainly don’t like having their recipes copied. We have a way for anyone to submit corrections to an already posted recipe, and asked that this person submit a correction instead — that way everyone benefits. To this they said “Uhm, fuck you. I am a unix sys admin…your letter is demeaning and nasty…But whoever the dumbass is that you hired and allowed “bread” to be entered without the amount on a few sandwiches is a fucking dumbass. And most important of all, your email response to my entry is one of the most fucking insulting emails I’ve ever been sent. I’m serious….” I’d love to print the whole thing here so you can judge for yourself, but I don’t have to: they posted about their “response to being a dumbass” in their blog too where you can comment back to them. And to quote this person: “All I have to say is the same thing.”

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