ipod.jpgMy new iPod arrived last week. Got a most excellent deal on the 30gig version from dell, though it took like a month to get here. I’ve experienced the same problems others have with hangs and resets running with it in the clip, but only rarely now that i run with it in my hand. I’m now on a cd burning spree and rediscovering old music. I’ve got 12gigs/2959 songs so far. I can’t begin to express how interesting it is to listen to music that entered my collection 10-15 years ago (too bad kevin doesn’t have a blog for me to link to his dissertation on this), though I’m sure there are blog entries to come about certain bands — I’m only up to the Cs in my ripping. One thing i did want to mention is the utter beauty of this device. I thought Troy’s 5gig iPod was cool when he got it last year, but this is lighter, smaller and just amazing to control with the heat-sensitive buttons and circular trackpad. I’m surprised Troy hasn’t posted the photos of us unpacking it. Now we just need to post a photo of gPod on Vashon

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