apple.gifOk, we’re set. Apple will be showing the WWDC 2003 Keynote online, albeit delayed. Watching Steve Jobs’ keynotes are some of the most interesting events in the computer industry. Bill Gates gets high marks for his keynotes too, but he’s just too stiff and never demos anything himself; he just hovers over an underling and asks softball questions. Steve Jobs is a master at it, though, and he never disappoints. He gets you interested, keeps you interested and makes you realize that the only exciting company in the industry is Apple. And I just love that he demos everything himself and does it so well.

Sounds like we can expect lots of OS X 10.3 Panther talk and even a new PowerMac G5 which uses the IBM PowerPC 970, a 64-bit CPU. Apple will, once again, leap-frog the industry by being the first to ship a 64-bit CPU to the masses. 64-bit CPUs aren’t going to be useful for a couple more years yet (it took at least 5 years for 32-bit CPUs to become the norm after they were available) but it’s nice to see it down the road.

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