Orrin Hatch is slightly backpedaling from his stance the other day where he said he wants to destroy the computers of anyone who violates copyrights.

Just to put this in perspective, Orrin Hatch thinks it would be perfectly okay for Recipezaar to destroy the computer of anyone who we think may have passed one of our recipes to a friend without our consent. And, of course, we are always right, right? It would be perfectly legal for us to simply destroy anyone’s computer for any reason, we’d just have to say “Hey, they printed a copy of our recipe, surely someone else saw it and that’s a copyright violation!”. But we’re good people, so we wouldn’t do that. But if we were a multi-billion-dollar faceless heartless corporation, we could easily hire 5 employees to “protect our copyrights” and destroy computers willy-nilly — it’s far easier and cheaper to just destroy many computers you suspect of violating copyrights than it is to investigate each case (and corporations always do what is easiest and cheapest). And, with legislation backing us, there’s nothing you could do about it if we were wrong.

The scariest thing of all is that Orrin Hatch doesn’t see the problem at all. It makes perfect sense to him. Fortunately, Orrin Hatch is a technology neophyte so what he proposes is impossible. Right now, at least.

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