Dumb jocks

I’m not a sports dork, so I’m pretty out-of-touch with that world, but living in Seattle you hear about three sports teams: The Mariners, The Sonics and The UW Huskies (no one talks about the Seahawks cuz they suck). Yes, believe it or not, there are people fascinated by a college football team. Anyway, we walked by a newspaper stand today and the headline (yes, the headline) was that Rick Neuheisel was fired. Neuheisel is the coach of the Huskies.

This guy is one of the highest-paid college football coaches in the country, making millions per year. He got fired because he gambled and then lied about it. Then he claimed he believed that UW’s policy allowed for gambling on NCAA games. Then why’d he lie about it?

If you make millions a year, do you really need to gamble for money? Why not gamble for beers? Or for dinner? Something that won’t get you fired from a cush job. And this is just weeks after the coach of the other Washington college football team was fired for a drinking binge involving a stripper who he took back to his hotel room and let her order one of everything off the room service menu.

Stupid is as stupid does.

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