This Tea is Amazing Alright

From the recipe reviews we reject file:
dicky jones says
This tea is amazing! One night, my wife and I were trying to conceive our first love child, but to my astonishment (and my wifes) my penis would not become erect. This was so distressing for us, as we knew that a child was the only thing that would keep our marriage alive. I am gay, and my wife was on the brink of leaving me. We decided earlier that day that if a child was born between us, it would be enough to both prove my manhood and provide a my wife with something to play with (keeping her mind off my gay porn habit). In desperation, I turned to the internet looking for “Ginger” my favorite trans-gendered supermodel (formally known as Bobby). I performed a search on Google, and I accidently clicked on the wrong ‘ginger’. In tears, I decided to read this recipe, knowing that I had nothing else to do other than put a bullet in my head. It actually sounded good, I said to myself while sobbing! I remembered I had some ginger root in the fridge. The original purpose of the ginger was to make a soothing and spicy chest and nipple cream for my next date with Edward, the cute man from the gay strip club (I’ve been working on getting him in the sack for months!)…sorry for going on and on, I’ll get back to the point.

The ginger tea was made, and low and behold I had the most firm, lasting, and pleasant erection of my life! With the help of a gay porn mag and my wife on top, I had one incredible orgasm, and knew that this was the miracle we were searching for…our beutiful love child who we named Edward. My wife still has no idea why I insisted on Edward! : ) LOL, its my little secret, hehe. Now shush, and dont let it out, but make sure let out the word about this amazing miracle tea! I give it a 10!!

Look the kid has imagination…we get about 1 or 2 doozies (sp?) like this a month — the internet version of a crank phone call I guess. and if you are curious, this is the recipe

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