Phew! After four weeks of development and 2,000 lines of code and lots of testing, our new recipe editing system is live on the site. This is going to make our recipe editing/correction job much much much easier.

Antwone Fisher Sucked

I think Troy is too generous. This movie was entirely paint-by-numbers and about an hour over what you can usually handle in an “after school special”. I was groaning, the scenes were so heavy-handed. I didn’t believe he was a virgin, I didn’t believe he lived on the streets, I didn’t believe whatever was supposed to have happened between Denzel and his wife that was supposed to have been fixed in the end, and I especially didn’t believe that I waited 2 hours to NOT find out one damn thing about what really happened to his parents that he was searching for. Would he really not have demanded at least a word from the mother? Oh, and I don’t believe that kids who’s dads are SHOT by their ex-girlfriends are likely to find a black Norman Rockwell painting 20 years later.


Antwone Fisher was not a very good movie. The acting was okay, the story ended pleasantly, but there are far better uplifting movies to see than this. I’m surprised it’s rated as highly as it is. I guess it has all the bullet points to make critics happy: child abuse, disadvantaged youth, struggle, happy ending. And that subplot between Denzel and his wife was barely involved, yet it supposedly was critical to the movie. Seems like there was a lot of missing scenes about that.

Today is the last day of the first half of the year. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to ride my bike 4 times a week and to do the “long version” of the ride half the time. Well, I should easily accomplish the 4 times a week part, but I have yet to ride the longer route this year. But I think I’m up for it strength-wise (there’s a long climb on it), if I could just spare the time it’ll take to do the longer route.

Last week, Apple introduced iSight. I was interested, but not seriously because I’ve tried video conferencing before and was always disappointed. But on Saturday, my niece, who lives on the other side of the country, and I got iChat audio working. We could talk over the internet (for free!) and the sound quality was amazing. So my brother and I made a deal to both get iSights so we could video conference. He ran to his local Apple store that night and got his. And we video conferenced today and the video quality is also amazing. My iSight will be here Tuesday.

How does Apple do it? For years, the industry languished with lousy quality. But overnight, Apple made it real.

Weekend Update

We almost got kicked out of our local pub on Friday night with our friends Heather & Larry & Ron the accupressurist due to the drunk beligerance of another…well, Larry’s tumble off of a bar stool onto the floor probably didn’t impress the staff either, but we found it hilarious. I sort of wish we had been 86-ed just because with the number of professional drinkers that frequent Bishop’s it would have been quite a badge of honor. Saturday Troy and I had an amazing 4 hour conversation about a business idea, well several actually — it is stuff like that which reminds me that I have the smartest boyfriend in the world. Followed by a fantastic dinner (ribs, corn, and fresh cherry pie that did NOT set) with our friend Mark Weeks, catching up on his life and falling more in love with his boyfriend Lee, even though he is still in London. Highlight: Mark had his laptop so we could see all of his recent photos. What a great way to look at pictures!

Google Like God

Says Alan Cohen, a V.P. of Airespace, a new Wi-Fi provider: “If I can operate Google, I can find anything. And with wireless, it means I will be able to find anything, anywhere, anytime. Which is why I say that Google, combined with Wi-Fi, is a little bit like God. God is wireless, God is everywhere and God sees and knows everything. Throughout history, people connected to God without wires. Now, for many questions in the world, you ask Google, and increasingly, you can do it without wires, too. I’ve been contemplating a lot how much the world has changed since I’ve been in it and how different it will be for my own kids. Access to information through the internet is easily one of the most amazing thing…

Online Dating Makes Bank

Troy and I joked about starting an internet porn business instead of recipes, just because it was such a clear money-maker. If only we’d realized there was a great business just a couple of doors down: online personal ads/dating. This article in the NYTimes (free registration required) talks about how mainstream it has become. While makes $240,000,000/year (!) and clearly network effects matter (like ebay you go to the site that has the most people on it, so the bigger you get the bigger you get), in the case of dating they key is finding other people like you so there is plenty of room for niche sites like for Jewish Singles, etc.