The Gilmores are Coming

My dad and his two sisters (who are all retired and all live TOGETHER in Spokane) are coming for a visit this weekend. Last time dad was here, he brought his own food, which he kept in his own refrigerator, so we only ate a couple of meals together. He also arrived on one day’s notice and didn’t provide a definite departure date. As you can imagine, this did not make him the most favored house guest of 2002. I have addressed these issues with him, so I’m hoping we will have a much better visit this time. But WHY must people over the age of 62 eat dinner before 4:30? Does not working make you hungrier earlier?

One of dad’s oft-quoted lines from the last visit was when he told Troy and I to “never have kids, dogs are better.”

I tried to explain that “dogs don’t go to college and get good jobs that afford them the ability to buy nice houses where parents can come and enjoy a visit…”

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