Borderline Neighbors

I think Troy glossed over this whole neighbor dispute a bit… I mean these folks did just decide to make a paved parking space on our property without so much as asking. When we called them on it, they did not even apologize. These are the same folks who have been quick to ask for other help from us in the past, and have made several requests regarding just this spot of land previously, so claims of ignorance hold no water. Not only could we be fined for their malfeasance, we could have blocked their project or worse, sued. We opted to do what is right for the neighbors that use the road (provide the pullout) and what is right for the slope (get the advice of a geotech and put up retaining wall at our expense). After a week of tense conversations, they did finally patch things up a bit and we are splitting the cost of the $240 ecology blocks. I really still can’t believe their nerve, but clearly they didn’t want to be in a “favor debt” with us or something. This whole situation really ate me up for a week and caused several sleepless nights.

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