We just resolved an issue with our neighbors that dragged on for over a week. We live on a steep slope (flagged by the county as a “sensitive area”) that has a history of landslides and our neighbors live down the slope. A road winds down the slope to their house that they decided to pave. Unfortunately, they decided to make a large cut into the slope for a car pull-over which weakened the slope. We hired a “geotech” to look at the change and he advised us to reinforce the hill. No problem; the neighbors get a convenient pull-over and a reinforcement will make it safe for everyone. Everyone’s happy, right?

But our neighbors were difficult about the problem they created, were reluctant to work with us to solve it and, in a passive-aggressive way, implied that we are simply worried about property lines (the cut-out was on our property), then they claimed it was their property (although they have asked us several time to trim the trees on the property when they obstruct the roadway) and threatened to have it surveyed and wanted us to pay for that. So to end it, we just decided to pay to fix the problem (that we didn’t cause).

You move out to a rural area and make the assumption that people are generally more friendly than in the city. But jerks live everywhere. I wonder if karma really exists.

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