Warren Buffet on the dividend tax cut:

Buffett posed a hypothetical situation in which Berkshire Hathaway, which does not currently pay a dividend, paid $1 billion in dividends next year.

Through his 31 percent ownership of the company, Buffett said he would receive an additional $310 million in income that would reduce his tax rate from about 30 percent to 3 percent, while his office secretary would still have a tax rate of about 30 percent.

The government needs to stop trying to stimulate the economy by getting people to buy things they don’t need/want and start stimulating it by getting companies to build things people need/want to buy. In the tech industry, the weak Microsoft settlement (they settled a case they won!) delayed any hope that the tech industry will be providing new and interesting products for people. Maybe Coca-Cola will come out with a new drink everyone wants or Nike will invent the $500 shoe that all the kids have to have.

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