Salon did an article listing the things that the $330 billion tax cut Bush just signed into law would have bought instead. The list includes providing health care for the 41.2 million Americans who don’t have health care, hired 100,000 teachers and provided aid to 6,000 schools and tutoring for 9 million low-income children, and countless other causes more worthy than giving the average citizen a couple hundred bucks or wealthy people even more money than they need. Gotta love the wisdom of government.

Whew! Just updated the site with a whole slew of changes (96 files!). The most visible is the new contest stuff. But lots of changes behind the scenes and a much improved administration section. Now we just have to see what broke. 😉

I decided I needed a new picture of me at the top of this page that is more current. I don’t have short hair anymore. Now I need to get a recent pic of Gay.

3 biking days in a row! The weather’s been great this week and get this, we’ve been waking up by 7am. I was well into my bike ride when I looked at my watch and it read 7:34AM. I am getting old! Pretty soon I’ll be having dinner at 4:30pm.

baldeagles.jpgThis morning, we spotted the nest and the two bald eagles that occupy it. It’s not the best picture (my camera’s zoom is terrible), but they’re right there in the middle.

I'm getting old

I’ve been cycling on a more regular schedule than any time that I’ve lived in Seattle. But I can feel my age now…. when I was 25 I could feel myself getting stronger at least once a week. At 33 years old, I feel like my leg strength has stagnated; the same hills tire my legs out the same everyday. I hate to think what it’ll be like at 40.