To add to Gay’s analogy of running a 24/7 store, also imagine that you think your store is plenty big enough, your staff is sufficiently trained, the door is functioning at optimum performance in all your testing. You’ve planned and tested and you’ve been building stores for your entire professional life. Then you put the “Open” sign up and within minutes your store is completely filled with people, all wanting different things at the same time, your staff is overworked and asking for higher pay and more benefits. Unfortunately, you’re not taking in any revenue from all these customers (you’re a store-builder, not a business(wo)man).

It can be extremely frustrating at times. Part of you wants to just shut it all down and give up. But the other part of you sees it as a challenge and you refuse to be beaten and you just know that if you work that much harder, you sacrifice yet another day/weekend/social event, you will win.

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