FSF Donation

I changed my mind about how I will donate my tax refund. Recipezaar and I have benefitted an enormous amout due to the work of Richard Stallman and the FSF. So I just became an Associate Member of the Free Software Foundation.

From college through my career in software, I’ve benefitted from the unselfishness of people who contribute to the FSF and open source software. gcc, flex, bison, Apache, Linux, bash, perl, PHP, gmake, vi, ssh and countless others are tools that I use on (almost) a daily basis today. Not only is each one of those products high quality, they are all superior to their commercial (and very expensive) counterparts. That deserves my money today, and hopefully one day I’ll be able to contribute my programming skills, which are probably worth less than the $120 I just gave, to the FSF and Open Source projects.

Now to find a recipient for the other $111…

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