My mom was here for a visit this weekend. Friday potluck with Gary & Nancy and John & Deborah…so much fun, so much wine. Hilariously, Nancy revealed her jealously of her granddaughter (perhaps a common syndrome, I dunno, I found it facinating) and we had a regular Prozac Nation group session. Funny. The effortless honesty of these folks makes me proud to call them my friends and perhaps is a sharp contrast to other relationships.

Sunday we had my mom’s cousins for dinner, Jimmy & Donnie and Linda & Mike. They all tease each other so much Troy was confused as to who was married to who with all the bickering. I could…

…listen to Jimmy tell stories and make faces all night, but it was a conversation with Mike that hangs with me. They are best friends with their kids (who are my age). No really, they all go on vacation together every year, and do everything together. Not in a Mormony way, but because they all just love to have fun. Mike told me how much he loves his grandchildren too and how he wants to take his grandkids fishing and teach them stuff. He wants to be like his dad was to his kids: available. When you are young and making a living you can’t always be available. He told me “don’t wait too long to have kids, because you don’t want to miss out on really being able to enjoy being a grandparent.”

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