Church of the Free from the Man

Dinner last night with old friends to celebrate Steve’s life change: he’s quiting his oppressive job and moving back to Austin, Texas. His demeanor last night was completely different than the last few times we’ve seen him. Though I’ll miss the incisive criticism of his old job (his last raise was the equivalent of “an extra bag of fritos at lunch”; his manager once explained with regard to their technology “the cell phone is, essentially, a communications device”), I am happy that he’s decided to put his own well-being first, leave and downsize. Surprisingly…

…we ended up talking much more about Terri’s situation and soon she was ready to quit and move (home) too. I couldn’t be more thrilled because I think she really had let herself drift into a unhealthy space (a job that robbed her of self-esteem and required weeklong separation from her husband).
Frankly, I was in a similar situation myself along with others who once worked for paper money (stock options). They don’t call them “The Golden Handcuffs” for nothing. The tragedy is when the potential that they will ever pay off dissolves, and you are left working at an unrewarding job staring at an Excel spreadsheet and waiting.

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