Bald and Bad

We’ve got a pair of bald eagles in our neighborhood. For the past year it has been fun to watch them riding the thermals in the bay. Today we noticed one carrying branches to make a nest in a Douglas Fir in our front yard. We had hoped they were picking branches from our enormous yard waste pile (we even contemplated putting up a sign for them: Free Nest Stuff), but it turns out eagles make nests by flying by living trees, grabbing branches off the top with their feet and breaking them off. Snap, snap, snap. It was sort of weird. Eagles live to be 40 and mate for life — I sure hope they preparing for babies. Guess we won’t be building anything in our yard anytime soon, at least not without the permission of the Secretary of the Interior …eagles nests are protected as they are still classified as endangered (though technically they are not)

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