Quick summary of the last couple weeks….

We did lots of behind-the-scenes work on Recipezaar that was at times very frustrating. I’m a software person, so hardware problems are less fun to deal with. But I’m smarter for it (theoretically).

The weather has been great in Seattle, it feels like summer has come early. Today is dreary and sprinkling, but almost all week has been great. Last weekend we did lots of yardwork and I finally got a chance to vacuum the driveway to get all the pine needles and other tree debris off of it. But today it looks dirty again. 😦

Of course, we’re watching the war. I’m amazed at how poor CNN’s coverage has been. In fact, it’s so bad, I’ve been watching MSNBC (gasp!). In the last 2 weeks, the war started and almost finished. But listening to the US media, you’d think we were in Vietnam for a few days there. Today they’re in Baghdad and they’re almost to the point where they’ve got Saddam on the run.

The scariest thing to me about this war is not the number of deaths or even the anti-US after-effects that are likely. What concerns me the most about this war is how the American people (that I’ve interacted with) have reacted to it. I don’t know who first said “violence begets violence” but they were right — Americans are extremely violent in their attitudes with each other. And the worst thing of all to me is that I have heard many (too many!) times that anyone who disagrees with this war is “un-American” or “un-Patriotic”! Do these people even understand what this country stands for?! This country was founded on the principle that we can publicly disagree with our government and today we have people telling people not to disagree. You’d think we were living under someone like Saddam Hussein. If our government’s actions cannot withstand words of criticism, then maybe, just maybe, they’re not the correct actions.

I’m an American and I love this country with all its faults. It does many things wrong, but it does far more things almost perfectly. But I especially love the fact that we are free to criticize our leaders without fear of retribution from them. Unfortunately, we don’t appear to be free from retribution from each other.

I wish Bush had tried a little harder to go the peaceful route and I think he was a little to eager to start a war and for many wrong reasons (and some right ones). I seriously doubt the outcome would be any different, but it was worth a shot to try to resolve this peacefully. The only other alternative would have been to let Saddam be and that would have been worse for the world in general, in my opinion. It seems clear now that Saddam did support terrorism, including Al-Qaeda, and it remains to be seen whether or not he did have chemical/bio weapons (I think he does). But we’re already hearing more stories about atrocities he has committed on his own people and I’m sure that’s just the beginning.

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