Mark & Emily Engagement Party

Kevin & Rachel and Reid & Marissa threw a lovely engagement party for Mark & Emily — only EIGHT years in the making ;-). Mark’s sister Lisa is about to strike out in her own law practice (let me know if you need a great family law attorney in Seattle). I just love hearing about people starting their own businesses. Also learned Stork (Chris) is working on becoming a psychologist; this is after leaving a career as a medical doctor, and a degree in philosophy earned between, I think. Interesting because he must have the most understanding and supportive wife in the universe (Gwenneth), but also because he was a bit of a hero to me — working in Viet Nam on protheses for land mine victims and then in the burn ward. Turns out the latter was just too much…he couldn’t handle being around so much death. One of the most interesting “I’m changing my life” conversations I’ve had…

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