Bad week

Today marks the end of a frustrating week for me. Building another new server for Recipezaar has been difficult and time-consuming and the 2am nights haven’t left much room for sleep. Yes, we build everything ourselves, from software to hardware — we even make our own ethernet cables! Why? Because I’m a big believer that it’s always best to fully understand how the important things work, plus its fun and cost-effective. That was the theory anyway. But it feels like the worst is behind me now. The rest is just software.

On top of that (and my two flat tires on my bike in one day), twice this week my Mac had “kernel panics”. The screen went grey and a white box popped up and told me, in four languages, that I need to restart. But I must say that Macs are pretty even when they crash. From looking at the panic.log that OS X made, it looks like it has something to do with audio. Will send to Apple for advice.

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