War is fine, just not this way

If Saddam Hussein is not linked to al Qaeda (and I don’t think he is), and he has not restarted a nuclear weapons program (which I don’t think he has); then he is really no worse than any other despot out there (which I believe there are many). We should work hard to remove him from power, because it is the right thing to do, with the help of international support. I am not against war, but I think it is deplorable that we can’t get do it with the diplomacy and a unified front. “History will turn, he implied, on what the Council members do now, whether they hang together as a world body or splinter apart in bitter dissent over American war plans in Iraq.”

“Still, inside the Security Council, many diplomats believe that the most important debate is over whether nations should simply bow to America’s will by joining the coalition in hopes of influencing the conduct of the war that Mr. Bush appears poised to unleash. A number of nations seem determined to hold their ground, diplomats report, in the belief that no superpower can function in isolation.”

Has anyone considered how our own economy might be improved if we took the billions we are going to spend on war and spend it at home instead…

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