Apple comes through!

My replacement Apple Combo Drive arrived today! I was shocked, I just talked to Apple on Friday and today’s Monday and it arrived this morning. The drive (a Philips CDD5301, same as the old one) came well-packed in thick foam and included the relevant pages from Apple’s tech docs about how to install it. The instructions were very clear with photos and everything. Apple never ceases to amaze me with the total package they deliver.

I was skeptical that the new drive would work since solid state hardware rarely just dies. But I popped the new drive in, powered up, stuck a CD in and the Finder immediately popped up! Woo hoo! To test it, I watched the extras DVD from The Godfather DVD set and burned a CD with iPhoto. Worked perfectly. Now I just need to remember to send the old drive back so I’m not charged for it. And I hope this one works for longer than 10 days.

To send the defective drive back, all I have to do is rip off the “EZ Label” that exposes the return label, go to and schedule a pickup. This couldn’t have been easier. And it’s all free to me. All in all, I’m very impressed with Apple’s customer service. Sure beats arguing with Dell customer service. I thought I’d be without my Mac for days or weeks but I only had to turn it off for 10 minutes to replace the drive and I’m done.

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