Me, Only Older

My birthday was today. In celebration of being 33, I ran 3 laps (instead of my usual 2) for a total of 7 1/2 miles. I really had a terrific day — aside from troubles with Recipezaar going down for a couple of hours due to an unsuccessful memory upgrade. Troy went shopping with me and didn’t complain once. We had a LOVELY dinner at Dahlia Lounge with good friends Eric & Steve and Biff & Renuka. We got to celebrate Eric’s new job and I outted Renuka’s pregnancy — there, now everyone on the internet knows.

Gay's Birthday Observed

Recipezaar has an “everyone gets their birthdays off” policy. Mine falls on a Saturday this year, so I took today off instead. Celebrated with a trip to town, shopping, new hairdo, drinks with the girls, etc. Couldn’t be better!

Recipezaar Outage

Just as we’re preparing to increase the capacity of the site, one server maxed out during the peak time-of-day today and was unavailable for an hour. Fortunately, I think I know exactly what happened: 3 events occurred simultaneously that just overloaded it. We’ll prevent that from happening in the future. Live & learn!


There’s a woodpecker that has found an interest in a vent outlet on our roof and it sounds like a jackhammer when he pecks at it and it vibrates down the vent tube. Very annoying. How do you encourage a woodpecker to not peck at something?

Wow, already got some ideas; #2 sounds like it would work. Thanks CanaryGirl!


People are finally starting to admit that XML is harder than it should be! Tim Bray, the creator of XML, himself even says so. In my view, XML has two advantages: 1) it’s structured and 2) it’s becoming accepted by the masses.

And #2 is the most important one. We’ve had comma/tab-separated files that were simpler and, egads, actually worked, but there was no hype surrounding it. So now we have XML being marketed to all the dopey programmers of the world (to sell them XML tools, of course), so it’ll probably catch on and stick. I remember a couple years ago somebody at an unnamed company asked me if Recipezaar uses XML and he was happy when I said it does. He didn’t even know what that meant and didn’t care how we used it or what the DTDs we used were, but the magic letters X, M & L were meaningful to him. That’s when I knew XML was gonna be big.

Weekend War II

War should start on Thursday. This is the 2nd war of my lifetime (well, there was Vietnam but I was too young to remember) and it’s with the same country. Now that everything’s said and done, I do looko forward to Saddam being out of power very soon. And it was a surrender-fest in ’91 so I hope that this becomes the Mother Of All Surrenders. Reports say that it’s already happening. And even France says it’ll join the war if Saddam uses chemical weapons (that he says he doesn’t have).

Developers of the future

Interesting story about how Windows’ marketshare is overestimated and Linux’s marketshare is underestimated (and it’s gotta be similar for the Mac). I don’t know how true that is, but the facts are pretty clear: Linux has the momentum and any developer today investing in Windows skills is making a career-ending move. I remember when a developer had better know Windows to have a future, but today that’s simply not the case. If a developer is learning C# and not Java or PHP or learning .Net and not XML-RPC/SOAP, or an IT person is learning Windows administration and not Linux administration they’re gonna have a hard time in a few years finding work.