New Macs

Just ordered two new PowerMacs and the 20″ display from MacMall. They also gave us 2 free 512MB RAM chips and 2 (crappy, I’m sure) printers that are both free after rebates. I had to up the shipping from ground to 2-day since they ship from Memphis. Then they called me a few minutes later and told me I can save $55 if I ship it 3-day instead of 2-day. So I did that instead. Hopefully, they’ll be here by Thursday, but because Monday is a holiday, maybe Friday.

Troy's displayTroy'sGay's

This turned out to be better than driving to Portland to avoid sales tax because MacMall doesn’t charge sales tax on WA orders and they gave the free RAM. I called The Computer Store in Portland and asked if they’d also give me free RAM to match it. They refused claiming that they give “instant gratification” and “free shipping”. They just lost out on $5000+ worth of sales.

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