Apache 2.0 sucks

I’ve spent days trying to get our troyandgay.com server setup. I want it to be an Apache web server that supports WebDAV. I originally tried to use Apache 1.3.27 but couldn’t get mod_dav to work — it worked but every GET generated a 504 error (permissions error).

After sitting in bed working on my iBook til 3:30am one night, I gave up and tried Apache 2.0.44. WebDAV is built-in to Apache 2 and it worked right out of the box (so to speak). But nothing else worked… PHP only works as a module, not compiled in and it was flakey, CGI scripts were also flakey, and the server refused to send any images greater than 256 bytes — it gave a 200 result code in the access_log, but no browser got any data.

So I went back to Apache 1.3.27 and everything works just fine, except for WebDAV. Oh well. I’ll save WebDAV for another day. But, boy, would WebDAV be nice. Mac OS X works perfectly with it and even Windows supports it (in its usual klunky way). But at least troyandgay.com will be running PHP 4.3 and MySQL 4.0! That’s probably enough cutting-edge stuff for now.

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