Ellison thinks MySQL is great for recipes

Linux Magazine interviews Larry Ellison where he proclaims what we knew years ago: MySQL is great for managing recipes. When asked about MySQL as a threat to Oracle: If this is being used for something that’s tiny — to keep track of your recipes.

Linux is doing to Sun what MySQL is going to do to Oracle. If he can’t see that, he’s a clueless nitwit. MySQL is adequate for 95% of all database tasks today and it’s getting better. MySQL & Postgres can let Oracle have the 0.01% of the industry that actually needs the super high-end features.

But he’s right about the web services hype: It’s a little bit as if I said, “I called this guy in France yesterday, and the phone rang. He picked up the phone. We started talking. I had no idea what the hell he was saying. But it made the connection.” And this guy says, “but you’re not using his latest technology. You should have called him on your Web services phone.” It doesn’t solve the problem. And people don’t understand it. It’s actually incredible. People are writing these articles as if this problem is solved, and they clearly have no idea what the problem even is. They’re just clueless.

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