MacWorld SF Keynote


.Mac has 250,000 subscribers. That’s almost 15% conversion from free-to-fee. Amazing.

Burton snowboarding jacket that holds iPod with controls on your sleeve (!). $499. Pricey.

5 million total active OS X users. 3.8 million in 2002. Goal of 9-10 million in 2003. 5000 native OS X apps.

iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD are “integrated”…

iPhoto 2 released. Use your own music from iTunes in slideshows. Archive photos to CD or DVD. iDVD launches from iPhoto and the slideshow goes right into iDVD; no drag and drop from file system to iDVD. “1-click enhance” fixes photos easily. Not clear how well it works. “Retouch brush” easily fixes blemishes or unwanted things in the photo. Not sure how that works either… seems like Photoshop’s blur tool.

iMovie 3. Chapters feature. Integrated with iTunes and iPhoto and iDVD. “Ken Burns Effect” for still photos into movies. Sound effects from LucasArts. Very easy to create iDVDs from iMovie complete with chapters. Big applause from the crowd.

iDVD 3. Integrated with the others.

Total package called “iLife”, bundled with all new Macs. iTunes 3 and iPhoto 2 are free downloads. $49 for entire bundle, which is cheap for this bundle. People are gonna whine, but they is dumb (and cheap).

“Safari” is the web browser. Not Chimera? Faster than IE, Netscape and Chimera. Google integrated into toolbar. “SnapBack”. iTunes-like favorites list. Rendering engine is open-source KHTML! Free beta download starting today.

Another new app: Keynote. Powerpoint that doesn’t suck. Seems lots easier for the basic stuff you do.

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