Day: December 6, 2002

New York Vacation

We left Troy’s parent’s house for New York Monday. We checked into the very cool Hudson hotel with very small rooms. We upgrade and started to bar hop our way downtown. We saw an empty Ground Zero at night. I still can’t believe it happened…seeing the site made Troy angry at the perpetrators. We met Cindy and Peter at Les Halles (Tony Bourdain’s restaurant) for steak and then went to some bar to see Cindy’s “boyfriend” DJ — bah! Tuesday we slept in, walked all around SoHo, ate the most awesome pizza at Pomodoros in Little Italy (meatball pizza), and stopped for a beer at a corner bar. We had a great dinner at DeNiro’s Tribeca Grill, and a very expensive nightcap at the hotel’s Light bar which has an amazing atmosphere and design. Wednesday we had bagels and loxs for brunch and walked down through Times Square. We spent hours shopping at ABC carpet and home, buying 4 different leather chairs and two cow hide rugs. We had Indian food for dinner and then had a LONG cold walk back to the hotel (our bar-hopping luck was running out). Thursday we awoke to the biggest snow storm on the East Coast. We managed to have an amazing lunch at Iron Chef Japan’s Nobu restaurant, and then a drudgery walk through the snow around SoHo, Chinatown and Little Italy before stopping in a corner bar to warm up. We managed to take the subway to the airport (long), trusting that our flight would not be delayed more than an hour. We boarded only an hour late, but spent another hour and a half on the plane waiting for 1 guy to transfer from another flight (of course, seated in the third seat in our row), de-icing the plane, and then just in line to take off. The delayed caused us to miss the last ferry by ~15 minutes, so we spent 2 1/2 hours sleeping in the Seattle airport, and then cabbing to the dock to take the 5a ferry home.