Redesign progress

Making progress on the redesign. Made a bunch of changes last night, widened the page to 768 pixels (from 730) and made the masthead shrink when not on the home page. It also seemed to help WebTV a little (according to RhondaO) but most importantly, the naysayers are coming around and we’re hearing even more positive feedback. I think the negativity was from people who hate any change whatsoever. The biggest complaint now seems to be that people can’t find the newest recipes easily. We need a calendar view to improve that.

We took the dogs for a walk after lunch. It was a nice day with sun breaks every now and then. I was up early (6:30am) after Illy was really irritating all night and then Ouzo went on a barking tirade at 6am. I went down and sat on the couch and listened to Howard Stern while I dealt with perf issues during the browse cache rebuilding.

I’ve been working on putting the new PHPBB 2.0 up while trying to modify their code as little as possible. Hopefully tomorrow will be a good progress day and we can put it up tomorrow night. Too optimistic???

We also sent out the Eater’s Digest newsletter for the first time since the redesign, which is significant because the weblog is now on the live server rather than locally. Pretty easy, actually.