Monday's the new Sunday

For working so hard on the site redesign we decided to take the day off. Spend the afternoon in the city running errands and lunch at the Elysian.

Updated by Troy: Went to Home Depot and bought a 20′ extension ladder (for gutter-cleaning), then to Costco for the usuals. Then to Petco and the CD store where we got the new Richard Ashcroft and the new Badly Drawn Boy. Then we came home, worked a little, had dinner and finished Monsters Inc on DVD. I also got a bike ride in this morning, which was fun and Vashon is very fall with the leaves turning (and all over the roads).

I’m pretty tired tonight, and a little put-off by the negative feedback about the new site design. We’ve had lots of positive feedback, but some complaints from some. Sometimes it gets hard to work so hard on something, make no money on it and have to listen to people telling us we suck. Did we ever say we’re perfect and never make a mistake? If not, why do people feel the need to slam us?