Halloween 7 docs

Probably the most optimistic news I’ve seen about since leaving in 1999. This makes me (somewhat) optimistic that people are not believing Microsoft’s lies. Eric Raymond’s take on the latest Halloween Documents: Messaging that discusses possible Linux patent violations, pings the OSS development process for lacking accountability, raises the specter of possible security flaws, and the like are only marginally effective in driving unfavorable opinions around OSS and Linux, and in some cases backfire. On the other hand ‘positive? OSS and Linux messaging, i.e. access to the source code, the price, lower TCO, the ability to freely make copies, and the like drive very favorable opinions around OSS and Linux, both across geographies and audiences.

Lessig’s thoughts: it is critical that we support those fighting to defend the GPL. Eric’s optimism reflects the good news about the spread of Open Source and Free Software. But this feels a bit about like the crowing around DR-DOS. The war here has just begun. The course we must “stay” must include the defense of a core part of the Free and Open Source software ecosystem: GPL.