Day: October 20, 2002

MS bribes 3rd world govts?

Linux Journal has an article on India’s claims to use open source software merely as an attempt to get a handout from Gates when he visits in November: Tanveer brought up the idea of corruption and bribes. Specifically, he pointed out the province of Karnatakai. The Department of I.T. in the province publicly supports open source, even as “all [the] police stations are being equipped with Windows XP Professional”.

Tanveer charges, “Closed-source companies can pay them under the table. Open source is free so there is no opportunity [of bribes] there for the officials…. What matters is that due to this announcement, now they will get more kickbacks…. Their intelligence is laudable!”

Many people allege that this kind of corruption is a routine part of government business in the Third World. Therefore, such factors could be playing a role in blocking the speedier acceptance of Free/Libre and open-source software in the Third World.