Day: October 9, 2002

Slate predicts TiVo's death

Not terribly surprising, coming from the Microsoft puppet, but Slate says TiVo will die. This is all based on the concept that the “first-mover” tends to die (2 years ago I’m sure Slate predicted the crushing victory of every first-mover). It’s also full of other stupid reasons (it is Slate after all) but wisely realizes that licensing is key. But then comes to the conclusion that XBox (doesn’t Microsoft make that?) will beat TiVo. Huh? Xbox, the same product that is getting slammed by the PS2?! Of course, there’s no mention of Microsoft’s other dismal failure: UltimateTV.

Security not guaranteed

Microsoft wants money to build secure products. They’re backtracking on Mundie’s poorly-worded statements, but the point is that software companies will never guarantee security or reliability because they just can’t. This is why open source is no worse than closed source in this respect, contrary to what has been saying, i.e., that customers require a company to “stand behind” their product.