Day: October 8, 2002


More dumbass analyst-speak after Ballmer announces XDocs: Meta Group analyst David Yockelson said XDocs is “powerful because it lets me collect up a lot of related information into a tabular format,” Yockelson said. “It removes the demarcation between what a spreadsheet is, what a document is, what a form is, and how I can look at and retrieve information that would be in those things.”

Gee, collecting related info in a tabular format? Never been possible before fat-ass Ballmer touts XML. I wonder if David Yockelson said that the Xbox is “powerful because it lets me play video games on my television”.

More Complaints about Microsoft – Silicon Valley Is Yearning For User-Friendly Microsoft

Mostly I just thought this quote was funny…

Mr. Perlman says he wrote a note to Steve Ballmer, then ‘s No. 2 man and now its chief executive officer, complaining about technical glitches in Office’s Outlook e-mail product. Mr. Perlman had been testing the product because wanted WebTV employees to switch to Outlook after acquired WebTV, Mr. Perlman recalls.A manager in the Office group who responded to the note on Mr. Ballmer’s behalf was “outraged” at the complaint about Outlook, Mr. Perlman says. The manager wrote back, “My job is not making Outlook reliable. My job is killing Lotus Notes,” a competing product sold by IBM, Mr. Perlman says.

Windows admins are idiots

Obviously, Linux TCO is lower than Windows TCO (and ridiculously lower than Solaris TCO), at 40% of the cost, but the interesting thing is that Windows admins can’t run from machine to machine pointing & clicking as fast as Unix admins can ssh around the network: The Windows technicians, however, only managed an average of 10 machines each, while Linux or Solaris admins can generally handle several times that.