Day: October 1, 2002

New lawyer

Went into Seattle to meet with John Bender at Holland & Knight. John has much better credentials than Jeff Thomas and was recommended by two other well-regarded lawyers (Chris Wells and Frank Huebner). It went very well; John is very experienced and smart, plus his assistant, David Ebel, is also smart.

Now, how do I tell Jeff Thomas we won’t be needing his services?

.Mac does well

CNet has yet another article on .Mac subscriber growth with a new total of 180,000 subscribers: …that total pales in comparison with the number of people who used iTools. Before Apple announced plans to replace the free iTools suite of Web services with the paid .Mac service, the company claimed about 2.2 million subscribers.

Why is that bad? An 8% free-to-fee rate is good, especially considering the high annual price. Who thought they’d get 100%??? At $50-100 per subscriber, that’s a $9-18 million business. Not bad considering all they do is provide a WebDAV server and web mail.